A cat girl that's always with her best friend Mimi. They both have bright, funny personalities, so they're also famous as TV presenters and singers. Nyami is one of the two main mascots of Pop'n Music. She is almost always seen with Mimi, her partner and best friend. She is identical to Mimi in appearance, but is a cat. She is a feisty, playful tomboy.
Nyami's best friend and music partner. Even though her personality is identical to Nyami's, no matter which you're speaking to, Nyami will play the straight man, making Mimi seem like the fool of the two. Mimi is one of the two main mascots of Pop'n Music. She is identical to Nyami's appearance, except she's a talkative, imaginative rabbit. She first met her best friend Nyami through the Pop'n Music auditions, where they've been close ever since. They often star in TV programs together, such as talk shows and dramas. One of Mimi's favorite hobbies are chatting and shopping, where she seems to be searching for adorable accessories that catch her eye. She also loves rabbit goods, but hates tomato juice.