learn anything


audio production tools

electric zine maker

microstudio (game engine)

Nice White Teachers, Bad Brown Schools: Hollywood's Pedagogy on Urban Education


Criminalising abortion does not stop abortions, it just makes abortion less safe - Here are the basic facts about abortion that everyone should know

Archiving URLS - Anti-linkrot toolset

The Harm of Native American Stereotyping

Native Languages of the Americas - Preserving and promoting Native American Languages

Godot Game Engine


how to use matrix (for normies)


peteyvid (video search engine)




community for real vampires and people wanting to learn about real vampires

phantasy star cave

tiny tools directory

the original www.thug.com


revival of www.thug.com

spyware watchdog

doorless applications (self hostable)


applications that let you control your data

lets learn together

search engine

mozilla web docs



old angelfire fansite for the music group "new edition"




collection of like 50 puzzle games for android



"A list of resources for creating alternative controllers, playful installations and physical-digital hybrids"

coping toolbox

soft heart clinic (mental heal circle)


consumer aesthetics research institute

delightful range of music records.


xbox modding and homebrew


the professor

website for the band can can (listen to them theyre really good)

dogs playing poker


This 1996 Law Was Meant to Save Radio. Instead, It Decimated Popular Black Music


We Need More Ipods


Ascii Fish Tank

what if technology belonged to the people? (it does, you just have to realize to believe in yourself to be able to SEE it.)

net art anthrology

solar/wind, composting, non conventional energy/propulsion

JOY.JS - make happy little programs

read this if you ever wondered wtf is up with those monkey nfts


rkhive soundfonts collection

Buried Country: The little-known history of Aboriginal country music


Why I rejected doing research on captive dolphins


WHATWG (web hypertext application technology working group)

aquarium co-op

banning encryption: why is it a poor idea?

digital rubber toy

phonica records (another great range of music records)

the most evil livestream ever

bluegecko.org -~~ a world of rhythm

microsoft reveals janet jackson's rhythm nation music video had the power to crash windows XP laptops

link for rhythm nation music video

tickets for the rhythm nation world tour were also sold out in 10 minutes after announcements in 1989. its one of my favorite things ever.

RHYTHM NATION JANET JACKSON MUSIC VIDEO/OBAMA CAMPAIGN SONG (i really like this because its someone filming their tv while rhythm nation is playing, pretty audibally too)

i will not delete my games

gnuchan calcuator

Hardest Game To Buy On Steam

ladies and gentlemen.. miss grace jones. slave to the rhythm.


my badtz maru page (DISCLAIMER: JUST A BIT FLASHY)

a creative fools manifesto

beatle map (a rhythm game map making software)

using old browsers in 2021 and beyond




llamatonez for playdate








someone's site dedicated to the 400+ rubber ducks in their collection

small useful freeware

modules.pl (archive for "mod" audio files)



come on, shake your body baby. trust me.

this guy does cool shit


i like firefox

about at least almost every release of firefox ever, to download from your choice

i like it so much

tribe called quest documentary (watch it)


this is my favorite emulator

The Relationship between Blue Oyster Cult and Vampires


Giantess Vore How To Fix Cracked Or Broken Tv Screen Without Replacing The Screen

Bad Apple - An Atari Demo (2017)


386 DX

Re-thinking electronic mail

me riding my horse-please comment

Hip Hop music still finds fans in Japan

Image and the Style That You’re Used to: Digital Underground’s “The Humpty Dance”

A Guy Called Gerald Legal Fund - a Music crowdfunding project in London by A Guy Called Gerald

Expressing Myself. My Way.

turn an are.na channel into a webpage

HOTGLUE - unique tool for web publishing & internet samizdat

lizard ladder (mild rapid flashing colors warning)

Planktos - Serving Websites Peer-to-Peer in the Browser

Let's Play Puppy Fetch


Puerto Rican rapper Residente is challenging the definition of 'America'



transforms your default new tab page into a customizable, Markdown-powered dashboard. not limited to only markdown columns

Replaces the default new tab page with customizable markdown-powered columns

Emulate tabs in sidebar and display tabs vertically. In addition, group tabs and collapse/expand them

Simplifies the GitHub interface and adds many useful features

New tab startpage with nord colors and a dancing goose

Meet the cat on the new tab

new tab speed dial layout but windows 95 styled

a minimalistic (and a pleasing one at that) new tab page

Pin website to New Tab page from any device, any browser! Support Import/Export without sign-in

compiles all open tabs into a list of links located within a single Markdown file

allows you to launch bookmarks based on the day of the week, plus some optional time-based rules

allows you to enable the firefox desktop version tab bar on the tablet version of firefox browser

this one is a new tab that can come pretty handy for having a quick place for web tools like having a css editor, options to edit the new tab's appearance however you please down to being able to letting you mess with the bare html and css of the page within it's code

very similar to colm, except its made to look like windows xp. literal desktop new tab pinboard

Select multiple tabs: same site, duplicates, descendants, to the left, to the right, seen today, seen yesterday... and many more

Replaces the new tab with a customizable tab with shortcuts to frequently used URLs

this one lets you hide comments everywhere

are.na in the new tab :>)

I2P in private browsing mode window

I2P in private browsing mode window, on mobile. i think it lets you sync across a profile in firefox too

open onion links in a separate container tab

New Tab written with ❤️(luv) in vanilla JS. Fast. Simple. Customisable.

Open a YouTube video as an Embed in a new tab to avoid ads and other distractions The add-on works with the 'embed video' feature of YouTube by putting it in a new tab

lightweight visual tab manager. seriously

let a cat walk around in your browser on every tab you enter

magic's start page

This extension allows you to completely customize the "new tab" page without writing any code!

Customizable home page/new tab using html, css and Firefox Sync

Creates tabs with filled forms, making testing easier. Register URLs from web projects (localhost). For each registered page, add form input combinations. "Create Test Tabs" button creates tabs with forms filled in based on the combinations

Easy to learn gestures through a highly customizable pie menu. plus this thing looks like a tv remote menu!!!!!

terminal in a new tab page (very cool)

Firefox extension that lets you keep notes on the new tab page

allows you to quickly take notes in Markdown. It replaces your new tab page with a notes page and includes a toolbar popup so you can edit your notes from anywhere

black new tab

"Fraidycat is a browser extension for following folks on a variety of platforms. But rather than showing you a traditional 'inbox' or 'feed' view of all the incoming posts - Fraidycat braces itself against this unbridled firehose! - you are shown an overview of who is active and a brief summary of their activity.""

kinda the cats pajamas... right click things on a webpage and copy it as either "markdown" format, "html" format, "BBcode" format..or just plain text

"What do we do when a page is dead but we still want to see it? Call in the clerics, and perform a resurrection ceremony! Or, the easier route, use this extension."


youtube redux😈

colorzilla (color picker in the browser)

restyle and redesign the whole web however you want

upload file from URL

Little button to save images and webms in one click (yes, you can change the button icon)

Create buttons that link to your favorite pages and add them to sidebar. You can use Alt + X keyboard shortcut to toggle sidebar.

Adds a text box to a toolbar button for taking notes

A firefox addon that pings (over http) a server you configure, and shows an icon for up status, and a different icon for down status

This add-on provides a button that replaces all text on the current webpage with incoherent screaming

Adds a button that will play the inception sound

Change any webpage into its design mode (edit mode) where you can modify the content and drag images around like a Word Editor

Open Links in another browser or share clipboard between multiple machines using WebSockets

Replaces the new tab page with a solid black background containing a digital clock

When enabled, by clicking the button in your toolbar, this addon will display the resolution of your current window in a box that will be overlayed above all the other content on the page. The resolution will update automatically

Toggle on dark mode and toggle off dark mode to your liking, from a single toolbar button

Toggle on dark mode and toggle off dark mode to your liking, from a single toolbar button

Make moodboards quickly by collecting images using the contextual menu

Displays a live log of YouTube Superchats; so you can read them at your own pace or filter them as you please

Move a virtual magnifying lens around any web page. Tinker with the lens shape, size and magnifying power

Simple addon, to prevents the loading of images either via a black or whitelist based on domain (aka. origins ) It can help to safe traffic on mobile connections and might even make some sites more readable

Adds a toolbar button enabling you to launch a temporary tab that will prompt you to close it after 10 minutes, keeping you from wasting too much time going down rabbit holes

Adds a toolbar button enabling you to launch a temporary tab that will prompt you to close it after 10 minutes, keeping you from wasting too much time going down rabbit holes


Displays a sidebar that lets you take notes on web pages. Different notes for different websites

Transform all web pages into an aquarium

This extension skips the “Enter your Mastodon handle” popup and takes you to your own “home” instance, without entering your Mastodon handle on remote instances (like other communities on mastodon with different domain names)

A simple new tab page with a "work" and "play" section and ascii art on the side, also allows customization

"(simple web) is an ode to the creative nature of the web through simple and abstract shapes and beautiful colors."

Reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint of your internet browsing (literally). Blocks useless content and optimizes what can be done

Replaces the text 'the cloud' with 'my butt', as well as 'cloud' with 'butt' in certain contexts. I love the reviews

Web extension to an application for synchronizing an amateur radio transceiver and WebSDR



tyoma.cool's cool links directory

freakphone's links directory




Jackdaw Interactive

boxy (box proxy) for the way back machine. basically if you are using an old browser then this is made for your browser

The Laserdisc Database

this ones fun. its a search engine

Gigablast is also just generally useful for finding resources you'd see on Google and such, except without the bots trying to dominate the place of who can vaccum up the most gunk without relevancy

that and it also lets you resurrect dead links found in the results, with several options from the arrow tooltip at the corner of the results title (including the wayback machine as an option)

I think the squirrel on the Curlie website is friends with the gigablast dog. they met at the park

cool forum with an Earthbound themed header banner. I think the forum is mainly dedicated to discussing RPGMaker gamedev. cozy, really

United DJ Mixing School - DJ Courses - Melbourne - Sydney

WebSiteRing: Create one without scripting

An online directory of over 140 Australian independent record labels. Search by genre or artist or check out the national independent charts

DJZone DJ Magazine - Bi-monthly e-zine for mobile, club, and radio disc jockeys. News, articles, reviews, and resources. (really nice resource for DJ tech equipment research too, whole on reviews.)

Peter Gabriel's Secret World for Windows 10


“A lot of you experimental music dudes need some gospel house shoved up your arse”


Youtube archive containing most of Rapper J-Walk's videos

my mind prison

a literal goldmine of abandonware. ranges from azpainter and old japanese 3d software translated to english+french, convienient gamedev software, 3d model viewing, several paint applications that have been long abandoned but have much use, a mega file link to pc-98 game artwork, a doom map engine, all the way to software for accessing assets in games like half-life

extension file types directory

slowed + reverb maker in your browser

An online directory of over 140 Australian independent record labels. Search by genre or artist or check out the national independent charts

Cyberprimmie on how Social Media is exploiting us


PROJECT 23 - Metal and experimental music site


The 107.9 FM Homepage

The Acid Bath Archive/a>


Malice Meezer

Kyle Bl4ck Productions


I love pigs



Sublime Tapes

The Ultimate Rick Fanpage

compact misc - designers of miscellaneous music cover artworks

oncle jazz

Archive of super obscure and long forgotten web-browers

The world's oldest webcam. Live San Francisco views since 1994

Youtuber Whang's old geocities site

Javascript Applications

bynrd recordings

Pinecone Moonshine - Drum and Bass and Drumfunk Record Label

Resources For An Enlightened Soy Dev

in your mammas coochie

who killed coolio


xoma - Australian Industrial & Rhythmic Noise Music

libli - a way to share, present and display content, images and text, publicly, by posting into a public Matrix room

This webcomic made it okay to be sad online. Then its artist vanished

Something is wrong on the internet

libli - a way to share, present and display content, images and text, publicly, by posting into a public Matrix room

Lebanon's forced conversion to solar

Brendan Fraser's website (I don't think it was last updated since the early 2000s, It's a really neat relic though to had stayed around)

There is no shame worse than poor teeth in a rich world

Mint Royale - Show Me (with Pos from De La Soul) (Official Video)

Foam - A personal knowledge management and sharing system for VSCode

A protocol for status messages. See what your friends are up to!

indieseek web directory

Community Radio Toolkit - A place for community radio people to learn, talk, and share

Gif-in-gif: create perpetually zooming animated images-avatars

DCScript© Digital Clock

The Javascript Source

wonderful bjork fansite


Community Radio Toolkit - A place for community radio people to learn, talk, and share

federated comment system for the web, based on the Matrix protocol. NO GOOGLE REQUIRED!!!

The Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack

How to run a small social network site for your friends

Rarebit - HTML Webcomic Template

Searchcode - Source code search engine

88x31 button maker

Where all Ipsums come together

Image Gallery in CSS and HTML

Draac.Com - Building A Better Internet

A Beginner's Guide to HTML and CSS

this is literally something theyd provide in a web dev class if it were 2001 or something like that

CGI:IRC - Web Based IRC Client

SCM Music Player - seamless music for your website (also known as the music player that people will put inside their tumblr blogs)

A simple and clean banner generator

whole cursormania archive

LeapFrog Leapster Learning Game System ROMS

The Demo for an early version of 3D Choreographer, which is a 3D animation tool infamously used to create Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa & Dinosaur Island


A complete archive of the "64-in-1 Classic Player" (FRGT-SRNM-03), a fan-made multicart of Famicom and NES hacks. This collection includes the multicart itself, alongside single-game ROMs and a development repository

Russian Import: Depeche Mode Anthology (PS1)

Essential Keygen Music


Dong Dong Never Die

Piroppo (Sony Aibo 31X Promotional Anime)

This user's entire collection of old 3d videogames for pc

Nokia 3310 3G ( 2017) Game Pack

Monotik Records

Can I play too?: physical education for physically disabled children in mainstream schools

Unified archive of J2ME software

Genetic Trance

Hip Hop (Napster Animation)

Sound Rodeo


The Vinyl Box

DOS and Windows-based press kits, games or demos surrounding a media project (usually movies and TV shows) provided for press to have photographs, descriptions and media assets for press outlets

eJay Sound Collection

Nathan Smithe's SuperPussy

The Sifl & Olly Show (Complete Series)

PS2 Homebrew Software

Whats MIDI?: Making Musical Instruments Work Together

Urban Shakedown

Hip Hop Mixtapes

Hip Hop Radio Archive

The Stop The Violence Movement - The Stop The Violence Video (Overcoming Self-Destruction) (1990)

Mimi's Hardstyle Retro Sample Sounds Vol. 1

Mimi's Hardstyle Retro Sample Sounds Vol. 2

Mimi's Hardstyle Retro Sample Sounds Vol. 3

reelblack - literally one of the best archives on youtube ever

here's one example why

A users archive collection of mainly trial+full versions of Y2K-era abandonware, desktop themes, science books, manuals, the occasional magazine, screensavers and some games

Test Tone Generator

GIF construction set pro

Penguins Behind Bars

The Name Is Bootsy, Baby (1996)

Supersonic (Version 4.0)

Real-DRAW Pro (Version 3.01)

Immervision Studio Lite

bearded dragon desktop pet lizard

Zine Resources

Under The Rock

One Day in the Coldest Village on Earth - Yakutia

userChrome.css for Customizing Firefox

It's Going Down

A curated selection of music for listening and dancing in small, safe spaces. (this is someone's continuous dj mixes ^_^)

adopt a cat and let it roam on your webpage

Tortured Justice: There are ugly ways to extract information from suspects - What are the legal limits?

KittoKittoKitto, a completely free virtual pet game framework for anyone to build upon

Website dedicated to the Roland MT-32

Making Jungle / Happy Hardcore Breakbeat on the Amiga / OctaMED Tutorial

OctaMED for windows

Music Trackers: A Brief History

Sweetpimeiento's Link Directory


Underground CD-ROM Compilations

TEKNO Magazine

Rebirth 2.01 ( 2001 Version)

Mari Mari Cutie!!

Psychotronic Video

Super Eurobeat Collection

Internet Underground Music Archive Collection

Why the PS3 is better than the Wii and 360 (part 1)

Command-line program to download videos from YouTube.com and other video sites

Amiga Music: Jungle / Drum & Bass Compilation #2

We Need Lite - 8 Bit Jungle Vibes (Made in Milkytracker)

Reason 5.0.1 (Propellerheads DAW Abandonware from 2010)

Amiga/akai 950/1100 Jungle strings track...

PyRoom — distraction free writing

DOSbox (DOS Emulator)

Boowa & Kwala (a good chunk of my childhood)

Boowa & Kwala Website

Spongebob Jackass

Flashpoint Archive

Play the Serial Experiments Lain PS1 game in your browser



IRC client for Pocket PCs

IRC styled Twitch chat client that runs on anything supporting java, not specific to any particular operating system (OS)

"No matter how IRC evolves, rest assured this is one client that will not look like an instant messenger"

A tasty, self-hostable Git server for the command line (multi-platform compatiable)

Potential alternative to carrd, linktr.ee, and the alike. Offers email too

Metroid Construction


MMD model of Agent Smith from The Matrix

Stella (A Cross-Platform Atari 2600 Emulator)

Embeddable IRC WebChat (also a search engine for finding IRC channels)


Justin Bieber Linux

Hannah Montana Linux