This is true, ask him and he'll tell you. Actually please consider not doing that, that's weird and intrusive to be asking someone you don't even know!!! (I don't understand this)

has pretty wonky and weak eyesight, explaining his beety littel squinty eyes. he doesnt wear his glasses as kinda required often enough as he needs or should be wearing them. his explanation for not doing this is because they feel "annoying" to wear.


his personal whatever way of speaking yknow whatnot yadda yadda yadda consists of a lot that altogether could be described as again, direct and literal. but its also more than just that of course, theres a bit more to him. he likes to be funny every now and then, he thinks repeating stupid questions can be funny to the point where he kinda just unconsciously starts doing that exact thing for like an average of 10-20 minutes, his girlfriend Joan gets to experience this every now and then.

kristy also likes to not directly point at things in typical conversation or verbalize it, but instead tilt his head and even sometimes feel the need to just make a squinty sounding noise to match it. honestly a lot of his ways of communication just has this specific sort of style as an example, and also can variate in different ways of doing that same thing at its core. also sometimes in between moments as a little funny specific way to "stall" time for people, he might pop out random crude words like "fauck", "fuck", "phfuck", "shid", "shat", "sheet", "fuckey", "fucky", "crud", "CRAP", "shit crap crap crap  fuoy fuck FUAAACK", and so on.