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Andrew, inverted yet completely immune to the constant worry of public humuliation. Carefree to specific extents just cause he can be. Very human. Has a freelance job as a dj but used to work at a music store simultaneously, but. decided to quit because he just could not handle that. hes weird and funny silly goofy gay about his boyfriend mika but like in his own specific kinda way, what ever that may be.

A britney spears fanboy at heart but it kinda tends to just as a whole blend in with the other music he likes because he collects a lot of weird techno rave electronic ect ect whatevah records generally based off of how "fucked up" (as quoted by andrew :3c) or "kewl........." (as also quoted by andrew) they can get. Andrew accidentally influenced dr dre and daft punk to include dr dre's name in their song "Teachers".

If you decide to personally have conversation with him, you will probably eventually find out someway somehow at some point that he is OBSESSED with playing puyo pop. He's addicted to it. He has to probably play it at least once a month or he'll get too sad and distracted to the point of utterly dreadful boredom. Laid back in his tone, one could say he sounds almost like Corey Taylor, you know.. the Slipknot guy.