REAL Firefox Customization

Last updated: Friday. July 7th, 2023 at 07:14 PM

A page about customizing Firefox EXACTLY like how you WANT, because why the hell not? Like being able to actually customize all of the elements of firefox, or at least most as of typing this.

So the thing about user-friendliness

Is that it still tends to be centered around what the devs in charge of incorperating it into something...think...."user-friendly" even means. Seriously. I think that's very clear to be true here. Notice how I say "tend" because of course I don't know everything about what goes inside of these peoples heads; but I know just enough and maybe even more.

For example: what is considered user-friendly for ME is different than what some others apply user-friendliness to be for THEM. Normal stuff, that happens. But that is it, that is what it is. A planet of over 7 billion people and firefox exists with its specific one user interface. I'm going to want to tweak it.

So that is where this page comes in:

here are some resources for customizing Firefox's user interface and such:


A collection site of Firefox userchrome themes, mostly from FirefoxCSS Reddit

Browser Toolbox

Tool to inspect the UI (user interface)


A simple general FAQ for customizing firefox


A tool to install, manage and use Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in Mozilla Firefox

Don't like Firefox's UI? Here's how to make it better (Firefox CSS)

personally, I think of this to be more of a demonstration rather than a tutorial link

Youtube link


  • Firefox-minima

    Minimalist Firefox Theme inspired by qutebrowser
  • praqticalfox

    A two-line, although very compact, Firefox CSS theme
  • A fork of a Firefox userchrome theme Cascade with fork creator's personal tweaks (style+layout) included

    Minimalist Firefox Theme inspired by qutebrowser
  • FlyingFox

    Flyingfox Revamped
  • oneLineFirefox

    Minimal Firefox Theme that shows search bar only
  • line

    Firefox theme based on Cascade
  • lepton-custom

    A macOS style theme for Firefox—forked from Lepton(Firefox-UI-Fix)
  • firefox-macos-style

    Firefox CSS theme inspired by Safari
  • MSFX

    A Internet Explorer 5 theme for Mozilla Firefox
  • firefox-vertical-tabs

    Vertical tabs for Firefox. Inspired by Edge
  • firefox-paradise-theme

    Someone's Firefox userChrome profile, setup with right handed vertical tabs, compact layout, and MacOS/Paradise colors theming
  • Sweet-Pop

    ASweet_Pop! Beautify, Customize Firefox. Minimalist animated oneliner theme for Firefox perfectly matching Sweet Dark
  • firefox-i3wm-theme

    i3 and qutebrowser inspired theme for firefox
  • rounded-fox

    A userchrome css configuration for firefox that is ultra-minimalistic
  • ff

    an opiniated, minimal looking theme for Firefox
  • gabeChrome.css

    Minimal customizing for modern versions of Mozilla Firefox and LibreWolf
  • InfernalFox

    A minimal Firefox CSS
  • tilefox

    A minimalistic Firefox userChrome.css that integrates well with tiling window managers like i3
  • waterfall

    A mouse-friendly clone of the Cascade custom CSS theme for Firefox
  • StylizedFirefox

    Custom Firefox CSS with Catppuccin theme
  • Minimal-userchromeCSS

    A one liner interface for Firefox. Compatible with Proton UI overhaul. Also includes some website CSS tweaks
  • slick-fox

    A firefox config that has rounded tabs and a url bar that can disappear when not selected on. It works with any theme
  • pseudo-fullscreen-firefox

    Hides the UI giving maximum space for content and aiding concentration. Unifies UI style, reduces contrast and padding. YouTube is always full screen
  • elementaryos-firefox-theme

    An elementary OS theme for Firefox
  • Firefox-Theme-DarkMatter

    An intensively worked on, and highly customized dark theme made for Firefox Proton, stretching darkness into every corner of the browser and perfecting even the tiniest details
  • Tweaks

  • aboutconfig-menu

    Shortcuts to settings in about:config (universal), through a button on toolbar. Firefox userChrome script hammer_and_wrench
  • FirefoxTaskMonitor

    Show CPU & memory bar, per tab and all tasks. Firefox userChrome script
  • FirefoxW10ContextMenus

    Emulates the Windows 10 context menus in Firefox.
  • firefox-simple-blur

    The simplest possible translucent userchrome theme for firefox (tested on linux only)
  • Firefox-UI-Fix

    I respect proton UI and aim to improve it
  • simpleMenuWizard

    Hide contextmenu items in Firefox Photon
  • new_custom_devtools

    Custom CSS for the browser/developer toolbox user interface in Firefox
  • Add-ons

  • gale-for-ff

    CSS files to theme Firefox with Sidebery
  • Site-based Resources

  • r/FirefoxCSS

    Subreddit for customizing Firefox